This Week at iHub

By Joseph
  Published 08 Dec 2013
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This Week at iHub
Welcome to a walkthrough pictorial of your iHub week.   Patricia Mbatia talk (Monday 2nd December) Pearls of Wisdom from a PR Guru:Marketing & PR guru Patricia Mbatia dropped by and shared great advise for startups on marketing especially when it comes to working with shoe string budgets.   Intel codefest (Tuesday 3rd December) Intel Codefest:Hardcore devs gathered together at the iHub for the Intel Codefest . Those participating learned various lessons like how to Add x86 support to your Android app among others. Winners of the Codefest will have a chance to travel to the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2014.   Airtel Money (Wednesday 4th December) Airtel Money Dev Session: Airtel hosted an interactive session where developers, start-ups, businesses who were interested in learning more about taking full advantage of Airtel Africa’s large network when it comes to building products. It was quite an informative Q & A where participants got to touch base with Airtel and learn more about there plans especially in regards to the Airtel Money service.   AMI Training (Thursday 5th December) Practical Business Training: iHub Consult in conjunction with the African Management Initiative teamed up again to bring members of the community there innovative affordable business training. It provided participants the opportunity to learn skills such as presentation among other valuable skills.   Nr Buzz IBM (Thursday 5th December) A glimpse into IBM:This months NR Buzz hosted research scientists from IBM. They gave interesting insights into the inner workings of IBM's initiatives in Africa especially in regards into the new research lab opened in Kenya recently.   Kano (Friday 6th December) Catching them young: After the successful Kids Camp that took place last week, the iHub in collaboration Kano Computing hosted another shorter workshop that had the kids learning on the highly versatile Kano computer. Kano comes in a kit that lets kids assemble there own computer and go on to code and build games among other fun and educational aspects.
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