Africa Gathering Nairobi 2010 on the 10th and 11th of December @ the *iHub_

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 18 Nov 2010
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Africa Gathering is a registered organization that encourages sustainable development across Africa and beyond. In line with their vision of sharing ideas for positive change, they are pleased to offer you an opportunity to engage in a vibrant exchange of positive ideas amongst some of the world's most passionate thinkers, entrepreneurs and innovators who'll be meeting at the conference at the *iHub this December. This year's theme is: "Africa Innovating in ICT" Africa gathering will be holding the following Workshops on Friday the 10th of December 2010: Workshop 1-Governance and transparency Positive Progress in Africa relies on Good Governance, transparency and Access.The Philanthropic investment firm, Omidyar Network will be running an interactive workshop on Governance and Transparency on Friday in Nairobi. Workshop 2- Business Start up : Making your ideas happen! By attending this unique workshop you will be shown a formula that will help you make your ideas happen and grasp all the information you need to become a successful and profitable entrepreneur in Africa. Workshop 3- Social Media: Making an Impact in Africa This exclusive workshop will highlight how Social Media should be used in Africa to change the current negatives narratives on the continent. It will also teach you how to get involve and converse with other. A Social Media Expert will be joining us via Skype from the USA On Saturday the 11th of December 2010, we shall have an Open Session of Africa Gathering. Schedule coming soon. CHARGES: Student Rate: Kshs. 700 per day : Kshs. 1,400 (For both 10th/11th) Non-Student Rate: Kshs. 1500 per day : Kshs. 3,000 (10th/11th) Register here now!!!
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