This week at iHub

By Joseph
  Published 30 Nov 2013
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This week at iHub
  Welcome to a walkthrough pictorial of your iHub week.       kidscamp2   kidscamp3 (Monday 25th - Friday 29th November) Nurturing the future generation:This week it was all about the young ones as the iHub hosted the second Kids camp. The next generation of hackers & engineers gathered together and were taken through how to code on the rasberry pi among several other valuable lessons. On the last day each group presented a robot or "panyabot" they had build in front of an eager crowd of proud parents and iHub members.   netmeetup (Wednesday 27th November) .NETBrethrencome together:This month's .NET User group meetup discussed on how to improve software quality using Visual Studio 2012. Plus the newfeaturesthat Visual Studio 2012 provides. They delved into aspects like design techniques, process improvements, time saving tips and integration features that allow developers to focus on building high quality software.   Kisii Uni outreach (Friday 29th November) Reaching out to the community: The iHub outreach team was at Kisii university where they shared interesting insights into IT and entrepreneurship.The team of five were able to share their experiences and answer some of the questions that were bugging the young minds ready to embark on a journey of achievements and success in the IT industry.   Intel ideation Camp (Saturday 30th November): Hard work pays of: Several weekends of learning and hard work culminated in the final week of theIntel UX Ideation camp that has been taking place this past 4 weeks. Participants applied all the skills they had acquired to pitch a business idea to a panel of judges.
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