IBM Research - Africa @ Nairobi Research Buzz

By Ndiga
  Published 27 Nov 2013
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IBM Research - Africa @ Nairobi Research Buzz
Thursday 5th December 2013 at *iHub Bishop Magua Center 4th Floor from 5:30pm -7:30pm, IBM Research Scientists will be speaking at this year's last edition of Nairobi Research Buzz to give a behind the scenes view of what's it's like to work at a global research facility that is located in Nairobi. But what is it actually like to be a part of the research facility? What projects should we expect to see coming out of the lab in the near future and what opportunities are there? In early November, IBM officially inaugurated its 12th global Research lab,which will cover Africa with its headquarters here in Nairobi, Kenya. Although the lab officially opened it's doors in November, staff have been hard at work since August 2012, when the then President of Kenya, Hon. MwaiKibaki signed a memorandum of understanding with IBM's CEO GinniRometty, committing to have the lab opened in Nairobi. One year down the line, it's been an exciting journey for what will be the first commercial research facility of it's kind on the continent. From forging new relationships with African governments and private companies to hosting activities like a Kids Hackers Day at the *iHub, the lab has managed to interact at nearly every level of society both within and outside the ICT sector. Following that dialogue, the lab has now fine-tuned it's research approach and will focus on seven key areas - energy, water, transportation, agriculture, healthcare, financial inclusion and public safety - in it's quest to conduct applied and far-reaching exploratory research into the grand challenges of the African continent by delivering commercially-viable innovations that impact people's lives. Located at the Catholic University, IBM Research - Africa is a 2000m2 facility features one of Africa's most powerful, cloud-enabled computing hubs giving IBM researchers the ability to analyse and draw insight from vast amounts of data in the search for solutions to Africa's most pressing challenges. Come and hear all about the work that the lab is conducting, opportunities, the exciting newphoto contestthe lab has just launched as well as more information on the lab's recruitment Job Fair which kicks off onDecember 5th. For more details on the job fair, visit Kindly register here to attend. See you there!
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