Importance of Confidentiality Agreements and their role in Intellectual property law

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 18 Nov 2010
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Importance of Confidentiality Agreements and their role in Intellectual property law
Intellectual property refers generally to creations of the mind that can be made into tangible objects, such as literary and artistic works, inventions, symbols, names, images and designs. Intellectual property law is the corresponding set of laws that protect the creators of these works. Since intellectual property, or IP, can encompass such a broad range of artistic or scientific creations, it is often divided into two categories: copyright, and industrial property. Copyright includes literary works, such as novels, scripts, and films, and musical and artistic works, such as paintings, photographs, sculptures and architectural designs. Industrial property rights include patents and trademarks, which are used to protect inventions and source identifying marks and symbols. While providing an open platform for Innovation, the *iHub_ is more than happy to welcome John Syekei to engage with the community of innovators and inventors, taking them through different laws and Rights on Interlectual Property. He will be giving a talk on this Friday the 19th at the *iHub_ starting 3.30pm. This is a free to attend event and open to all, but you must R.S.V.P. as seats are limited. About John Syekei He was recently ranked byManaging IP andThe International Who’s Who List of Trademark and Patent lawyers, both highly respected listings based on client and peer recommendations, as the leading intellectual property lawyer in private practice in Kenya. His practice areas and experience cover advice on trade mark, patent, copyright and industrial designs protection and enforcement both locally and internationally under the MADRID and ARIPO systems. He also advises on national protection in countries around the world for local clients, drafting and negotiation of technology related agreements, outsourcing, E-commerce, IT, anti- counterfeit strategy, anti-counterfeit actions, and intellectual property litigation. In recognition of the role and visibility he enjoys as a leader in the field, He was recently appointed by the Law Society of Kenya to sit on the Committee reviewing the Remuneration Order of Advocates practicing in the area of IP. He is am a member of the Law Society of Kenya, International Trademarks Association, Federation of Private Practitioners in Patent Law and Licensing Executives International.
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