This week at iHub

By Joseph
  Published 23 Nov 2013
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This week at iHub
Welcome to a walkthrough pictorial of your iHub week. Mobile Monday (Monday 18th November) Monday with Microsoft: Monday was all about Microsoftwhich was a great learning experience for IT companies and start ups as Microsoft was at the iHub to talk about their 4Afrika program. Representatives from Microsoft were at hand to expound on the benefits of being a Microsoft Partner and the Bizpark program.   ICCM Preconference (Tuesday 19th November) Crisis mappers assemble!:Like minded crisis mappers gathered together at the iHub for the International Conference of CrisisMappers pre-conference. Participants engaged in small group training sessions in 4 specific topics Mobile/Security, Maps, Data and Knowledge. The objective was to give them more hands on training in a setting where they could learn & interact in smaller groups.   Afrikoin (Wednesday 20th November) Currency is King: Wednesday was all about currency as the as the Savannah fund held the Akrikoin conference to discuss Africa‚Äôs burgeoning ecommerce sector and digital currency. The interesting panel discussion from various experts provided a chance for innovators,entrepreneurs and generally anyone interested in the ecommerce space to learn about this emerging trend.   Ideation (Saturday 23rd November): The Bait & Hook: The 3rd week of the UX Intel Ideation camp continued with students learning about the business model canvas including the 3 generic business models, Bait & Hook, Freemium and Connection Platform.   ARM (Saturday 23rd November): Long way round to the iHub: Ernest and Frederik Ltter two South African brothers and Electronics Engineers who embarked on a trip from the UK to South Africa in their Land Rover Defenderfitted with a Raspberry Pi-based distributed light control system landed at the iHub to offer a technical workshop. Participants were taken through various topics including how to use the Rasberry Pi among others.  
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