Designing for Windows Mobile

By Mark Kamau
iHub UXlab
  Published 15 Nov 2013
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Designing for Windows Mobile
Yesterday the designers focused on the principles of designing for the Windows mobile platform. We delved into the overall user interface convention and the process before getting down to the sleek tiles that are the hallmark of the new Windows experience. Here is a pinch of what was covered ;- While designing the Windows Mobile experience, there are 3 main things to keep in mind. The business, technical and experience angles need to be covered. Windows-mobile-UX


It is important to stay true to the business or social value of whatever application you are building. Making it a serious undertaking at this fundamental level is crucial. You don’t want people to interact with your application and then wonder why they bothered in the first place since it provides no value to them, or doesn’t live up to its billing.


It is one thing to build castles in the air and dream of neon spitting, jaw dropping features, but these must be technically viable otherwise it is a waste of time and more importantly perhaps, is how does this tie in to the eventual goal of the product. It is important to consider technical gives and takes as you design. Windows-mobile-UX1


This is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of product design by our community. A lot of us come from a technical background and we have a lot of the technical elements covered. However, our yardstick for success should go beyond that. We need to care about the overall experience people have when they interact with our products. Studies have shown that it is in our DNA as human beings to choose based on some emotional inclination, rational as we claim to be. It is therefore important to ensure people have a decent experience whilst interacting with our product. Deliberately ensure that this is the case! To achieve all this, it is important to embrace the process. Below is a snapshot of what it is. The designers shall be exploring this more today. Day2
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