Scenario focused Engineering | Windows

By Mark Kamau
iHub UXlab
  Published 14 Nov 2013
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Scenario focused Engineering | Windows

This was the first in a series of 3 Design classes focused on the new Windows mobile and desktop platforms. The idea is to examine the underlying design principles and understand why things were built like they are and work like they do. The thinking is that by understanding the underlying principles, the designers can then better design for the platforms and deliver better quality products for the Windows platform.

Microsoft has graciously agreed to sponsor this training for the community. It is structured so that some designers in the community receive the skills with the aim of sharing the same with others in future since we couldn’t reach everyone at once.


Why do this?

As you may have noticed, there is quite a radical change in the way Microsoft have done their new products. The design philosophy has evolved. Good design is founded in understanding the principles and design ethos behind platforms as we design for. The design community here never got that with this new Windows offering. As a result, it is has been a challenge for developers and designers trying to build for the platform. This is what we are addressing from a design standpoint.

Scenario Focused Engineering

This is essentially taping into design challenge scenarios of the users as the basis for solution development. Who is the user and what problem are they trying to solve? Beyond the mechanical aspects of their scenario, looking at their emotional frustrations and gains from particular experiences as an area of insights that can be leveraged for designing solutions for your user.


As you look at your product development process, the takeaway is to examine the user at a much deeper level, as a person with frustrations, aspirations and looking at how your solutions is not only useful, but also pleasant to use and delivers and pleasant experience. Does your product do that? Do you think along this line as you design it? If not, you should.

Today: Mobile UI for Windows

Today we shall be delving into the tenets of the mobile design philosophy and how that influences the design choices when designing for the windows mobile platform. That should be eye opening.

I like that this series is opening our community up to another set of skills for their design arsenal, This is right up the alley of the iHub

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