Kenya Java Day: Oracle States its current business, get ready East Africa.

By Jimmy Gitonga
  Published 13 Nov 2013
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Kenya Java Day: Oracle States its current business, get ready East Africa.
Recently, Oracle held an Oracle Day at Safari Park. This was not all, Oracle later opened a business and training hub in conjunction with Interdist Alliances, a UK company with offices at the Riverside, Nairobi. Clearly the gloves are off for the race to give Africa its integrated systems solutions. According to a survey carried out by Oracle on leading Corporate Finance Officers (CFOs), there are 4 important technologies that will deliver the most value to their organisations. These are Mobile Computing, Cloud, Big Data and Social Marketing. According to a video post on the Oracle Media Network, a number of CFOs were asked what technologies matter to them in terms of growth and adding value to their organisations. The top 2 were Mobile Computing and Cloud.What are the hindrances for them to realise the potential of these technologies?Organisational shortcomings where there is a lack of leadership and talent was at 49%. The next challenge was the lack of IT capabilities at 39%. 2/3 of them said Mobile Device Management was on #1 thing on their wish list. Increasingly, developers need to know what other technologies enable and work in tandem with their applications to create solutions that would interest CIOs, CTOs and ultimately CFOs. For more on this, join Oracle Kenya and the iHub at Panafric Hotel on the 21st of November 2013. Register here for the event.
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