Intel Ideation Camp | Innovation

By Mark Kamau
iHub UXlab
  Published 12 Nov 2013
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Intel Ideation Camp |  Innovation

Last weekend we began the second Intel Ideation Camp after the success of the first ideation camp. This was a decent event with an impressive combination of minds in the iHub UX lab space coming together not only to learn but also challenge each other.

This interactive and open atmosphere for learning and ideas is exactly what the Intel Ideation Camp is about. This week, participants got a good grip of the general ideal concept and ethos.


This week we learnt;-

  1. The difference between Innovation and entrepreneurship
  2. The mindset of an entrepreneur
  3. Principles of team creation and the best combination when developing an idea into a product.

Some highlights ;-



Innovation is successful implementation of new ideas. Notice the focus on DOING?
How do you get there? How does innovation happen and sustain momentum? These are some of the issues a lot of us consistently contend with and it was nice to have some clarity around them.


The pursuit of opportunity beyond resources you currently control.

This again focuses on a very specific go getter attitude. How do you ensure you have the right mindset? How do you manage the process of getting things done? How do you put together a team that works best for you?


Innovation does not happen in a vacuum. It is important that we have the right tools to handle the process of getting things done. Often we have the right kind of energy, put lack the skill to manage the curve we face as things get beyond the initial enthusiasm.

The approach to tackling these concepts was quite practical, especially the use of actual real life scenarios among us, which I liked a lot. There is a bit of follow up going on before the next session coming Saturday in which people will get deeper into the process.

For those who didn’t get a chance to register or see the details of the process, please click here

For those who have already begun, see you next Saturday!


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