This week at iHub

By Joseph
  Published 01 Nov 2013
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This week at iHub
Welcome to a walkthrough pictorial of your iHub week.         Flying donkey comb (Monday 28th October) The Flying Donkey comes to the iHub: Gearboxand the iHub hosted Jonathan Ledgard from Flying Donkey. He gave interesting insights into their Flying donkey project that seeks to introduce into Africa large cargo aerial robots with rugged air frames capable of liftingheavy loads over long distances. IBM comb (Wednesday 30th October)IBM Media Visit:Journalists from various international media outlets along with IBM dropped by to learn a bit more about about the iHub.   combined netmeetup cpy (Wednesday 30th October).Net Meetup:This months.NET user Group Meetup delved into Quality Assurance plus a presentation of a Facial Recognition System currently in development by a student.   Everlytic comb (Thursday 31stOctober)Everlytic Workshop:Everlytic touched down in Nairobi to chat about commercial email in a multi-channel environment and how you can use email and social media in a drive to digital marketing glory.   GIZ combpsd (Friday 1stNovember)GIZ drops by the iHub:An interesting visit from GIZ turned into an impromptu round table with several topics being discussed among them how to encourage more collaboration between the different African hubs.      
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