Our Growth and Leadership Journey

By Jessica Cola├žo
iHub Research
  Published 22 Oct 2013
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Our Growth and Leadership Journey
When the seed of iHub research was planted in early 2011, this seedling needed tender care to ensure that it would grow into a healthy and luscious tree. As the research director, over the last two years, I have been able to build a dynamic team of researchers around me to enrich the growth of iHub Research. The last 2 years has seen iHub Research propagate tremendously, filling a lot of gaps in the tech research ecosystem. One of the persons who has been involved throughout, from starting as a volunteer to becoming a core member of the team and research manager to date, has been Angela Crandall.Angela has been present since the inception in early 2011 before joining the team full-time in September 2011. To-date, Angela has provided strategic guidance to the growth of iHub Research and will continue to do so. As of October 2013, Angela is taking over as Research Lead at iHub. I will continue to advise the team and provide strategic leadership in my new role as Director of Partnerships of the iHub. Angela is an amazing and talented leader and willberunning the team in the daily activities at iHub Research.Onwardsand upwards Angie and team!    
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