*iHub innovation talk at Dedan Kimathi University

By Mugethi Gitau
  Published 14 Oct 2013
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*iHub innovation talk at Dedan Kimathi University
  Reblogged fromDedan Kimathi University blog The first of its kind Innovation talk in Dedan Kimathi University of Technology with *iHub_ Nairobi got underway on Friday September 20th 2013. This interactive innovation talk between the students and the iHub Outreach team aimed at creating awareness about iHub, its initiatives, and opportunities available at the open space.
*iHub_Nairobi, an innovation hub for the technology community, is an open space for the technologists, investors, tech companies and hackers in the area. The community which initially was an open space for internet connection, then later became an open space for different people in the field of innovation to come together and interact as a community. The tech facility focuses mainly on entrepreneurs, web and mobile phone developers, designers and researchers. Mugethi, lead outreach explained. The iHub outreach team comprised of researchers, UX researchers, Developers, and designers. From the UX lab at ihub, Abigail explained the difference between the User Interface(UI) and User Experience(UX). UI details how the app should look to the user while UX details the events in an app to ensure the core requirements of the app is not compromised while the user uses the system. “The ATM initially allowed people to collect their cash before the ATM card making many people forget their cards in the ATM, which is poor UX” she said. The many questions arising on how the research is carried out revealed the connection of courses such as sociology with IT. Abigail made known the program offered in iHub UX lab to equip developers with the knowledge on how to have a great UX in their program. From the session as a developer, I learnt that I could access the iHub Research from their website and make use of the already researched information in my apps. The outreach group made known that innovation in the IT or Tech industry is not limited to those taking IT courses but it depends on interests rather than knowledge.
I learnt that the community has of recent appended Artificial Intelligence, the statistics researchers have also a better part in the community where they share and work together. The iHub requested the developers who so wish to audition for the new TV show featuring techprenuers (Upstart Africa) . The show was described a s "Big Brother - meets The Apprentice - meets Shark Tank" The session heated up during the questions time as many had their questions answered. After adjournment of the talk, the students had a one to one interactive session with the outreach team so as their questions would be answered to their satisfaction as they shared contacts to keep in touch. Most of the attendees were eager to know when the next talk would take place to gain more inspiration and enhance their skills.
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