Blackberry October Meetup

By Mugethi Gitau
  Published 07 Oct 2013
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Blackberry October Meetup
Guest blog from Michael Kimathi   You need a BB 10 device to facilitate applications development. Good news is, BlackBerry has this for you. As a game developer all you need to do is get out of your comfort zone and come out on 19th October and get to learn how to create Unity games which are Multi-platform but optimized to work on BlackBerry 10. Have you got a Built for BlackBerry app yet? Then come and join us to get something up and running and get to learn aall the reason why we have 240 active developers from Kenya alone who have ported their applications and are building native apps. Are you still in a limbo that BlackBerry is dead? Then join us to get facts right from one of our own who travelled all the way to Hong Kong to get the experience and share it back with us. Also come and join the team from Miami which will be going to BlackBerry Live 2014 and find out why we believe that this will go down like no other. BlackBerry swag, coding and much more. Don't miss. Registration Link:
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