Tech Market Place with IFRC

By Mugethi Gitau
  Published 02 Oct 2013
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Tech Market Place with IFRC
IFRC World Disaster Report launch The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies publishes the World Disaster Report annually. The theme for 2013 is Technology and the Future of Humanitarian Action. The report includes 7 chapters: 1. Technologies and Humanitarian Action 2. Toward Community-Centered Action 3. Strengthening Humanitarian Information: the role of technology 4. Technology and the Effectiveness of Humanitarian Action 5. New Technological Threats 6. Technology and Humanitarian Principles 7. Evaluation and Diffusion of Innovation The IFRC plans to use the World Disaster Report 2013 as a tool to engage with governments, private sector, humanitarian community, civil society and media, and advocate for innovative policies, increased investments and vibrant partnerships on technology. The responsible use of technology offers concrete ways to make humanitarian assistance more effective, efficient and accountable and can in turn, directly reduce vulnerability and strengthen resilience. Within Eastern Africa, IFRC has been using different technologies such as the Rapid Mobile Phone based survey,( social media and geographic information systems. In the coming months we will be introducing the automated SMS information service called TERA (Trilogy Emergency Relief Application).( IFRC will launch the World Disaster Report on 17 October at the iHub. The event will include a market place with demonstrations by various organizations on the use of technology in humanitarian action. This will be followed by an online discussion transmitted from Harvard, Boston. We would like to make it as interactive as possible.   Registration for this event is now closed
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