iHub Livewire

By Anne
  Published 29 Sep 2013
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iHub Livewire
By Frank Tamre iHub Livewire is an initiative to bring the iHub community together through Music.

Within the iHub community, different people from different walks of life come together to do amazing things. Computers are a daily companion in activities at iHub. iHub Livewire recognises that the iHub community is made up of real people with different skills and talents. It goes beyond the computers engaging them to bring-out who they are away from their computers.

The premier iHub Livewire will be held at at *iHub_ on Friday, 15th November 2013 from 6:30 pm to 10 pm. Talented musicians(vocalists or instrumentalists) within the community will come together to perform in front of the iHub community.

Are you a talented musician? Do you want to showcase your talent along with other musicians? iHub Livewire is looking for you.Register here to be part of this new initiative.
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