Ideation Workshop - AgriTech

By Joseph
  Published 25 Sep 2013
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Ideation Workshop - AgriTech
The GrowthHub is running a 3 day Ideation Workshop to give life to new ideas and solutions to the biggest agricultural challenges Kenya faces. We need your help to make sure that the right problems are solved with the right and much needed sustainable solutions. Eligibility Early stage entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas in agriculture. The idea should have a bias towards solving the most pressing prob- lems in agriculture using innovative technology (not only mobile/ICT) e.g. Market access problems faced by farmers; Soil fertility improvement; Increasing income generation activities for farmers; Innovations that provide food security and nutrition; Irrigation technologies and solutions; Farm inputs for farmers; Improved services and products for farmers; Agro-Processing Business; Technology improvements; Improved logistic infrastructure within farming value chain; Adopting of organic and fair trade farming practices & products Program Structure AgriTech Ideation workshop brings together entrepreneurs who have already come up with an idea and want to validate it and take it to the next level. During the 3 days the entrepreneurs work with the experts, mentors and investors guided by facilitators using rapid prototyping and open space methodology. The workshop culminates on day 3 with presentations of solutions developed from the idea and presented to a larger forum and based on peer and expert selection of 6 ideas that will be admitted to our ImpactLab to work further on their idea. Benefits As a participant, you will join a group of likeminded peers, receive feedback from experts on how you can improve and grow your idea, network with other key people within your sector. Most importantly you will have a framework on how you can execute on your idea.

At the end of it you will also gain the opportunity to get one of the 6 slots to have you and your team incubated at The GrowthHub’s Impact Lab to work further on your idea for 6 -8 weeks.

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