Launching *iHub R’s New Data Science and Visualization Lab

By Ndiga
  Published 23 Sep 2013
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Do you have an app or enterprise tool? Have you been staring at your dashboard and wondering how you can commercialize or use the data you are collecting to improve your product? Are you a geek or just a noob wondering what is all this hype around big data? *iHub Research is thinking of you, and is pleased to announce the launch of its newest product: The Data Science and Visualization Lab! This product is based on a component of research that delves into and innovates on the processes of data science – collection, storage/management, analysis and visualization. You have probably come across one of our amazing info-graphics. What else can you do with data? You've heard of our Super Computer Cluster. Just what are we planning to do with it? Join us in our next Nairobi Research Buzz (NRBuzz) event at*iHub_ on Tuesday,1stOctober 2013 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm for an interesting chat on new frontiers of data focused research, the exciting projects we are doing in our Data Sci. and Viz Lab, and how you can be part of a community around this new product. Kindly registerhereto attend. See you there!  
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