Tech Meets Conservation 04

By Kennedy Kirui
iHub Consulting
  Published 23 Sep 2013
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Tech Meets Conservation 04
Codename: TMC04 Post by: #GiG EC-01 It was a chilly Saturday morning this past 7th day of September when a team of Geeks in Gumboots (GiGs) decided to meet up for a game drive through the Nairobi National Park. It was about 9AM when they set off, cameras and phones in hand, eager to snap away at the first sighting of wildlife. Eager 30 minutes later to snap away at any life, and, eventually, one hour later, holding cameras shutter-down and wondering, “Where IS the life?”. Such describes the situation in quite a few of Kenya’s national parks and game reserves. The skies were gloomy and the weather chilly, a semblance of early morning still remained despite it being 9AM, but there was not much to be seen. A summary of our trip would conclude that we only saw herbivores we might as easily find in our rural hometowns (and Rongai): buffaloes, a giraffe or two, some zebra and the occasional warthog. So what happened to The Big 5, the biggest of them especially, the elephant? The truth is, the number of those animals is dwindling. No thank to poaching, this is happening at a rate so fast that we all need to take some time to think about the future we want for our posterity. Yes, our children fit into this. As you wonder why, think about what you would want them to see when YOU take them to the Maasai Mara, or the Nairobi National Park for a game drive. Proceed to ask yourself 3 simple questions about your game drive/national park visit (you can use photos too if you have any):
  1. What did YOU see as a child?
  2. What do you see now? and,
  3. What do you think they will see then?

Conservation isn’t just for the sake of “global warming” and “bio-diversity”, it’s about what you want to see for your country when you’re over 50. As we get closer to celebrating our jubilee, what do you think we can say for ourselves environmentally? What kind of role models can we be for the generations that follow? Moving forward, the GiGs present at the National Park and enlightened by the excursion, decided to push forward the Tech Meets Conservation initiative.

In light of that, all are invited to participate in the International March for Elephants on Friday, 4th October beginning at 9AM from the Ligi Ndogo centre on Ngong Road (charity begins NEAR home) and ending at Uhuru Park in the city centre. Joined by Kenya’s very own first lady, Margaret Kenyatta, this is a chance to join others across the world in showing your support for those trying to protect our elephant population.

The walk will be happening in 15 other countries at the same time to raise awareness on the imminent extinction of the largest mammal on land. You can find more details on the Nairobi event Facebook page here: map Come one, come all, and let’s show that techies are conservationists too.
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