Windows Phone 8 training call for applications

By Sheilah Birgen
  Published 06 Sep 2013
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Windows Phone 8 training call for applications

m:lab East Africa in partnership with Microsoft will conduct a four-week training on Windows Phone 8 development. The training is scheduled to take place on 8th - 31st October 2013 at m:lab East Africa.

The training is aimed at providing interested participants with knowledge on the key features and tools of the Windows Phone 8 platform. With the training, developers will be able to develop windows phone 8 applications to be published in the windows app store.

In connection to this, Microsoft in partnership with Nokia and Aalto University has a program called AppCampus that is aimed at fostering mobile application development on Windows Phone and other Nokia platforms. Participants in the Windows Phone 8 training stand a chance to be selected to the AppCampus fast track program where developers can get funded up to 70,000 euros for their windows phone app. See more about this HERE.

Deadline for submission of applications for the Windows Phone 8 training is 30th September 2013

Interested applicants should fill in their details HERE

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