Dot Net Meetup: August 28th at the ihub

By Joseph
  Published 26 Aug 2013
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Dot Net Meetup: August 28th at the ihub
By Stephen Ebichondo One of the most criticized features of Visual Studio ever since it came out has been the ability, or lack and inadequacy thereof, of the IDE to integrate third-party unit testing libraries into it.There are many views on which is the best time to write unit tests for software, some folks feel strongly that it should be after the software is written, but a growing number of people prefer writing unit tests before the production code is written. This approach is called Test Driven Development.   ItWorksOnMyMachine Test driven development is different from traditional development, you begin by writing a test that fails, then you move on to creating the production code, seeing the test pass, and continuing on to either refactor your code or create another failing test. Previously MSTest Framework wanted users to rely on automatically generated tests put up after code has already been written. This runs so counter to the tenets of Test Driven Development that MSTest Framework was simply ignored, and many developers came up with ways to hack third party unit-testing frameworks like NUnit, MBUnit, xUnit and so on for their .NET projects. Inevitably, MSTest Framework ended up being vilified by the believers of TDD.   KellerTrackSwQuality_Custom   With Visual Studio 2012 we have provided a means of using frameworks likeNUnit to actually be run within its IDE, in a tightly integrated way, and in turn, the ability to code test-first. This month’s meeting we shall be talking about how to make that happen, If you would like to speak please email Stephen Ebichondo at [email protected]. The meet up will take place from 6:00PM - 7:30PM  
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