Tech Meets Conservation – July/August

By Kennedy Kirui
iHub Consulting
  Published 14 Aug 2013
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The last Tech Meets Conservation meetup (TMC03) was a great success. Participants got deeply engaged in the theme of Nairobi Then & Now. Here’s a snapshot of what was discussed by the GiGs : In the follow-up to the meet up we were to visit the Nairobi National Park towards the end of July. Our aim was to gain a deeper appreciation for some of the natural wealth we already have as a city before beginning to try and convince others why they should appreciate and respect it too. However, due to logistical issues, the visit was not possible in the month of July. That being said, we are glad to announce that the trip to the National Park will happen in September, tentatively on Saturday 7th (to be confirmed). Anyone interested in learning what TMC is about can see our first post here. If you would like to join us on for TMC04, kindly sign up here. We hope to see you soon GiGs. In the meantime, keep it clean and green. ------------------- GiGs - Geeks in Gumboots (techies passionate about conservation)
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