iHub Leadership

By Erik Hersman
  Published 12 Aug 2013
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iHub Leadership
The iHub exists to catalyze the Kenyan tech community's growth, and this happens by connecting people, supporting startups and surfacing information that's valuable for all of us. The last 3 years has seen the iHub as a facility grow tremendously, filling a lot of gaps in the tech ecosystem that weren't being done before. Before the iHub existed, the tech community here in Kenya was well underway through Skunkworks, Kictanet and other forums both online and off. One of the people who has been involved throughout, from being on the founding team of Skunkworks back in 2007 to being a Advisory Board member and a Director of the iHub to date, has been Josiah Mugambi. He was there at the inception of the idea in 2008, before the first coat of paint was on the wall, and has provided sound advice to me as well as shown real commitment to the Kenyan tech community over the years. As of September 1st, Josiah is taking over as the Executive Director of the iHub. I will continue as the Chair of the Board, thus staying involved in governance and strategic direction of the iHub, though no longer in the day-to-day management. This has come about due to the growth of the iHub itself. As the team has expanded, the facility, partners and community require more focused attention. Simply put, I wear too many hats to do this well, so having someone of Josiah's calibre take over to fill this role will have an immediate and positive effect. Decisions like this aren't made by myself alone, they're done with the Advisory Board, made up of Rebecca Wanjiku, Riyaz Bachani, Conrad Akunga, Juliana Rotich as well as myself and Josiah. We're going to start creating some changes on the Advisory Board as well, creating a way for some to cycle off of it and new people cycle on by the end of this year. All of this as a nod to the way governance has worked smoothly thus far, and a desire to make sure that we continue to change as the ecosystem does, get fresh blood, and continue to reflect the community.
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