Test your app for free at m:lab’s Testing Facility

By Sheilah Birgen
  Published 10 Aug 2013
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Test your app for free at m:lab’s Testing Facility

Did you know that you can test your application for free at m:lab East Africa’s testing facility? Well, if you didn’t know, here comes the good news. Now you can access all devices for testing at m:lab’s testing facility free of charge courtesy of Qualcomm. All you have to do is send an email to [email protected] to reserve the testing time in blocks of 90 mins. The reservation email should include specifics of the desired time slot, platforms or devices desired and the date for testing.

The one year partnership between Qualcomm and m:lab is aimed at entrenching a culture of thorough testing and quality assurance among mobile app developers. Currently, the facility has over 130 devices on the following platforms; Java, Android, Bada, BlackBerry, Windows, iOS and Symbian. With the free testing, you have no reason not to test your application.

Testing your app before rolling it into the market is very important because mobile devices have a wide range of screen resolutions, specs and platforms, this affects how a program runs on each device. Testing enables developers to analyse usability and functionality of the application across these various platforms.

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