Digitally Preserving African Heritage

By Anne
  Published 06 Aug 2013
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Digitally Preserving African Heritage
Digitally Preserving African Heritage The preservation of culture, language and history is recognised as being of crucial importance for future and current generations.Notably, Africa has the unique problem of having an incredible wealth of collections of crucial significance to the world, without the skills or funds that are needed forarchiving and maintaining such collections. There is therefore a growing need for approaches to digital preservation, tools and techniques that better suit the needs and environment of developing countries. Some very specific solutions have emerged to solve problems related to Internet bandwidth and information accessibility. Future technical solutions therefore need to be found to maintain the pace of preservation as well as ensure access for the world.

Join us for a talk byProfessor Hussein Suleman, an Associate Professor in Computer Science at the University of Cape Town. His research is situated within the Centre for ICT for Development and the Digital Libraries Laboratory.

The talk will include: an introduction to various types of heritage that need to be preserved and why; a discussion of various problems motivated by an African context that need to be addressed in any preservation projects, such as lack of funding and urgency of preservation efforts; technical approaches to solve some of the problems that have been identified, such as bandwidth limitations and experience recreation; a case study of the preservation of the Bleek and Lloyd collection of |xam-speaking community culture; and, finally, some closing remarks on future efforts in digital preservation. Date: Thursday 8th August 2013 Time:1030-1130Hours Venue:iHub

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