10 Apps to win $800,000 in Samsung Smart App Challenge

By Sheilah Birgen
  Published 02 Aug 2013
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10 Apps to win $800,000 in Samsung Smart App Challenge

Held for the second consecutive year, the Samsung Smart App Challenge will determine the best Galaxy S4 apps that make use of the Samsung Chord SDK.Winning apps will receive $800,000 in total prizes and be eligible for investment evaluation from Samsung Venture Investment Corporation in the global Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 for S4. The global competition will see 1 winner get $200,000, 3 winners get $100,000 and 6 winners get $50,000.

With challenges of access to finance for developers for mobile driven businesses, this is an opportunity worth pursuing for many. It follows an effort between Samsung Kenya and m:lab East Africa to create awareness about Samsung Apps among regional developers.

Having had over a 100 local apps successfully pass through the rigorous quality assurance process of Samsung Apps Store participating in the Smart App challenge may be less of a challenge to developers than in previous years.

Winners of the challenge will get the following Marketing and promotion support via Samsung Electronics global marketing channels in addition to the investment opportunities.

  • Winning entries will be considered for investment from Samsung Venture Investment Corporation

  • Invitation to Samsung Developer events including MWC 2014 and provided with promotional opportunities, depending on the winning apps

  • Promotional benefits through Samsung Apps and Samsung Developers channel

  • Winning entries promoted through Samsung Electronics press release

  • Promotion through Samsung Mobile, Samsung Apps and Samsung Developers’ social media channels

  • Promotional videos produced for winning apps

The competition schedule is as follows:

① Application period: June 20, 2013 – August 31, 2013 (GMT)

② Submission and registration deadline: 11:59 p.m. on August 31, 2013 (GMT)

③ Judging period: October, 2013 – November, 2013 (GMT)

④ Winner announcement: Scheduled to be announced in December, 2013

* The Challenge schedule is subject to change due to “Samsung” circumstances. In such an event, an announcement will be made through the Challenge website.

The jury for the challenge will be looking at Uniqueness, Commercial Potential, Functionality, Usability and Design. The judging panel includes John Biggs - a Tech Journalist at Tech Crunch, Tim Rowe - an Investor at New Atlantic Ventures and Mimi O Chun who is the designer director at General Assembly. Other judges are Kip Voytek - Director of Digital Innovation at MDC Partners, Jeff Haynie - Co - founder and CEO at Appcelerator and Eugene Hong - Venture Capital EVP of Set Investment Department in Samsung Venture Investment

To complement efforts of local developers in submitting entries to the Samsung Smart Apps Challenge, Samsung East Africa has availed a Galaxy S4 for the m:lab Testing Room for all hopeful applicants

Information on how to enter the global Samsung smart app challenge may be found here.

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