Working with GIS @iHub Research

By iHub Administrator
  Published 02 Aug 2013
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Working with GIS @iHub Research
by James Ndiga iHub Research invites interested participants to a one-day workshop on “Working with GIS”. There are limited spaces so sign up early. Register here to attend! Date: Tuesday, 13th August 2013 Time:0930-1700Hours Venue: iHub Research Maps are a powerful tool to visualize information and make spatial linkages obvious. Using data in a geospatial environment is an added value when working with communities or stakeholders to make important aspects more visible, whether socio-economic or biophysical. The GIS-course will teach basic knowledge on how to visualize your data and how to conduct basic geospatial analysis. You will learn how to make a map and how to use your data in it to simply visualize complex problems. Topics that will be covered during the workshop
  • What is a GIS?
  • What are typical Geo-functions?
  • With what data does a GIS work?
  • Get your data in a GIS
  • Modifying your data
  • Creating new spatial data
  • How to make a map?
The course will be held by Valerie Graw, PhD Researcher at the Center for Development Research (ZEF), University of Bonn. Valerie’s PhD study is on linkages of socio-economic and biophysical patterns with regard to maize production in Kenya, based on geospatial analysis. She has a background in geography with focus on GIS and remote sensing imagery analysis. Register here to attend!

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