Sugru Build Night at the iHub

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 29 Jul 2013
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Sugru Build Night at the iHub
12 makers and hackers convened at the iHub on Saturday night to take part in the Sugru Build Night. We started off with a brief introduction with the makers and hackers from Nairobi of
Ngatia, a summer intern at iHub gave an overview on how to use Sugru when you open it from the pack, mould it, set it and let it cure.
Ngatia - Summer Intern at iHub
While I prepared the snacks, Abigail from the UX lab asked the participants to think about the user they would build solutions for. She stressed the importance of creating user-centric solutions. Peter was equally eager to demo how he had used Sugru on Chumabot.
Snack, UX and Chumabot demo
After 2 hours of hacking, building and rock and dance music in the background, the participants came up with interesting solutions.
Sugru in action
Ninja the dancing Robot from iHubNairobi on Vimeo. Ninja the dancing Robot
More Sugru Action
The team Whatsgru, created an instrucatable for their bicycle handle:
Whatsgru Instructable for a Bicycle Handle
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