The iHub Design & Layout

By Erik Hersman
  Published 01 Mar 2010
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Two of the best designers in Nairobi, individuals from our tech and design community, have really stepped up. Fady Rostom and Kwame Nyong'o have spent hours with us trying to figure out what to do with this big empty room that is the iHub. It's hard to express how much time and creative energy go into figuring out something like this, and everyone who uses this space owes a debt of gratitude to the two of them. What did we want? We needed a space that could be used by people on a daily basis to sit around and work on their projects, network with their peers or have user-group meetings and workshops. That's a lot of types of activities and different groups of people to cater to. Below is the proposed design: Proposed iHub Floorplan and Design You'll notice 4 main areas:
  • The meeting room: this will have a collapseable wall in the rear, which can be opened to have more of the room see a presentation. It also can be used as general seating for when a meeting is not happening.
  • The Chillout Lounge: an area with a raised floor, with low seating on gaming chairs and beanbags, it also houses the library (anyone want to donate some books?) and has low couch-like seating by the windows.
  • Coffee area: we're putting a coffee bar in place, with some cafe-like tables and seating.
  • Semi-permanent workspace: there are some long-term desks, lockers and seating available (as referenced in my post on memberships). These are more private, and used by those who have a "red card".
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