Are You Our New Intern?

By Rachel Gichinga
  Published 16 Jul 2013
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Are You Our New Intern?

  The iHub is always on the lookout for interns. There is a quality we look for called “iHubiness”. To see what that is, check out our web site.     If you have a university degree and/or 2 years' experience in a tech field and:
  • You’re good with people, and are comfortable in both one-on-one settings and with large, diverse groups
  • You care about technology as a means to an end, and you’re interested in seeing how to leverage all facets of tech towards that end
  • You’re organized enough to be able to plan multiple events a week
  • You can coordinate outreach efforts to schools and universities
  • You’re good with social media and can manage Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
  • You’re passionate about seeing the Kenyan/African tech scene grow, and you’re full of ideas about how to make that happen
  • You can work independently, you respect deadlines, and you’re a good communicator
If this describes you, write us a 250-word letter of motivation describing what excites you, where you see yourself going in the next few years, how long you would want to be at the iHub, and what you hope to achieve during this period. Send this application to [email protected]with "iHub Intern" in the subject line. Apply now to intern with us.
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