M-Gov: Stakeholders – Information Ecosystem

By Anne
iHub Research
  Published 17 Jul 2013
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M-Gov: Stakeholders – Information Ecosystem
There are different stakeholders in the water sector whose role affects the overall decision-making cycle. “Stakeholder” refers to a person or group that has an investment, share, or interest in something, as a business or industry (Dictionary.com). They include Government, Private Sector companies providing water services, Academia, Civil Society Organisations, NGOs and Media. USAID reports that about 13 million Kenyans lacking access to improved water supply. This number results in one asking the question “What action are the authorities in charge are taking to resolve that water problem?” iHub Research has been carrying out an m-Governance study looking into the potential of mobile technology to enhance transparency in the water governance sector for over 18 months. The study has concentrated on the thematic area of water and has since been looking at the structure of the water governance sector in Kenya,technology use in the water governance sectorand finally theperceptions of citizens in using tech platforms like USSD, SMS and Internet to receive and query water information. This next report “Role of technology in promoting transparency with local stakeholders in the water governance sector” covers the challenges the stakeholders face, some technology tools they have been using to provide water information and the perceptions they have on how technology can be used to enhance transparency in the water sector. Many citizens interviewed in our research have indicated that they do not have access to water information that they particularly desire and this results in the citizens suffering silently when they cannot access this crucial resource. Speaking to several organisations in the water sector covering different spectrum of Government, Civil Society, Water Service Providers (like water kiosks & large water companies) and Academia, the story from the perspective of these stakeholders indicates that despite them providing water information to citizens using their regular channels, it is not reaching the intended target group as they desire. This following infographic summarises the current information ecosystem in the Kenyan water sector as per the findings of our research to give an overview of the entire process and the challenges faced by the water stakeholder s in Kenya.
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