Announcing - iHub Cluster Developer Sandbox

By Paul Muchene
  Published 11 Jul 2013
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Announcing - iHub Cluster Developer Sandbox
The iHub Cluster was started in 2012 as a result of a grant from Google. The iHub was started in 2010 in an aim to create a nexus point for the developer community. The world is moving towards the cloud and our developers are required to understand and work with various cloud computing platforms. Unfortunately, many of these platforms have a charge and don't allow for too much experimentation. In this spirit, it gives us great joy to announce the developer sandbox working off the blade server donated by Intel as part of their contribution to the iHub Cluster. It's a basic Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform. This was achieved by installing Cloudstack, a cloud orchestration tool on the blade chassis with Xen as the underlying hypervisor. This sandbox will allow for developers who are building applications to test and run their applications in an environment that exposes the same API's as those of the major cloud vendors. This will be a free service for all iHub green members and would just require liaising with the iHub Cluster lead and the iHub community manager. We eventually aim to have this as a publicly exposed service, which will allow for green members to access the service from outside the physical confines of the iHub. You can get more information by sending an email [email protected]
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