Microsoft 4Afrika offers internships for President Obama's YALI Fellows

By Rachel Gichinga
  Published 04 Jul 2013
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Microsoft 4Afrika offers internships for President Obama's YALI Fellows
Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative is a new effort through which the company will actively engage in Africa’s economic development to improve its global competitiveness. This is a multi-year initiative that aims at empowering every African who has a great idea for a business or an application and to turn that idea into a reality which in turn can help their community, their country, or even the continent at large. The Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative is built on the dual beliefs that technology can accelerate growth for Africa, and Africa can also accelerate technology for the world. One of the core missions of the Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative is to actively engage in Africa's economic development to improve its global competitiveness. Over the weekend, we took new steps to deliver on that commitment. While visiting Africa, US President Barack Obama announced the Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, a new flagship program of the President’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). Microsoft, as part of the Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative, with other leading private sector partners, have committed to support this program and the Fellows involved. The Fellowship represents a major expansion of U.S. investment in the continent’s next cadre of leaders. Through this effort, the U.S. will develop a network of thousands of young African leaders across key sectors for Africa’s growth and development. Key components of the Fellowship include regional enrichment seminars, an on-line community, and a vibrant alumni network across Africa. As part of our commitment to bringing world-class skills to the continent, Microsoft 4Afrika will specifically offer internships for YALI Fellows in our offices across Africa, including in Cairo, Tunis, Casablanca, Abidjan, Dakar, Accra, Lagos, Abuja, Luanda, Johannesburg, and Nairobi. Yesterday, Ali Faramawy, CVP for Microsoft Middle East & Africa, had the honor of participating in a CEO Roundtable with US President Obama in Dar es Salaam. The group discussed growing businesses and investing in Africa to accelerate economic growth, a topic at the core of Microsoft's 4Afrika Initiative. More information on YALI can be found here.
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