Pivot East 2013 is finally here! the battle lines are drawn

By Sheilah Birgen
  Published 24 Jun 2013
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Pivot East 2013 is finally here. With only a few hours left to the conference, the organizing team is working on final details of the event while on the other hand finalists are rehearsing their lines for the big stage. The audience this year will be rich with investors, development partners, telecoms operators and other industry players from East Africa and Across the globe. Sheraton Hotel in Kampala Uganda will provide the big stage on 25th and 26th June.

Between teams from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda the battle lines are already drawn. One of the most interesting battle to watch will be in the Finance category. In an notable departure from past trends where Kenyan startups dominated presence in all categories. Kenya does not have a single representative in the Mobile Finance category.

The curtains will close down on 26th June with a fierce battle between two Tanzanian startups Go Finance and TiME tickets pitted against Uganda’s Inforex, Mduka and Intelworld. Stiff competition between Kenyan and Ugandan startups exists in all other categories. The Mobile Society category will be the first category on the big stage,  followed by Mobile Enterprise category, another category with stiff competition. A complete programme of the conference can be found at the Pivot East Website.

We have a number of speakers who will be participating in 4 fireside chats titled;

  • The regional mobile marketplace and the opportunities it presents for entrepreneurs.

  • The role of the regional mobile ecosystem in discovering and supporting the next wave of high growth mobile startups.

  • How can we raise the quality of mobile startups in the region and their investability.

  • Role of innovation in driving the regional economy (Are there mobile innovations high in the agenda of regional governments, corporates and development agencies.)

The ticket price is $100, you can purchase your ticket here, at Outbox Hub Uganda or on the morning of the 25th June at Sheraton Hotel. The event will be streamed live on the Pivot East Website. The address of the live stream page will be announced at midnight.

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