Welcoming the First Green Members

By Erik Hersman
  Published 18 Oct 2010
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Congratulations to the 102 first Green Members to the iHub! Check your email to see if your application was successful. Your Green membership allows you to come into the iHub and use the space as your own. We've put the foundation in place, now it's up to you to make something of it. In here, you'll have first dibs on seats for incoming talks by Kenya's most successful CEO's and thought leaders, a chance to meet your peers and work on new projects, get preferred access to the job and events boards (coming soon), sync with our corporate partners (Nokia, Google, Microsoft, and Wananchi) and use the high-speed 20Mbs fiber connection provided by Zuku.

Next Steps:

  • You'll need to come into the iHub to collect your new ID card, since this is what will clear you to come into the iHub from now on.
  • This really is your space now, and it'll need your involvement. Think of ways you can support the iHub, whether it's helping with the network, website, starting a user-group meeting, mentoring or something of your own design.
  • Get to know others, do cool stuff.
(Membership types explained, basically, Green means that you can walk in and use the facility for free.) Volunteering your skills at the iHub is what makes this place really tick. The whole website and programming for the approvals area is thanks to designers and programmers volunteering their time to make it come together. A HUGE thank you to Joshua Musau who led the effort, along with Charles Kithika, James Gutu and Jepchumba.

Green Member Applications and Approvals

We're up to 1500+ "White" members, who have online access to all of the features that are going up on the website, and had about 225 green membership applications that were put in on time to review. The iHub advisors took about 3 days to read and review each application. The primary reasons for people not being accepted were:
  • Not enough information. Many people wrote only 1 sentence about why they should be a considered for membership.
  • No picture. If you don't have a real picture of yourself, your application is not considered complete and isn't considered.
  • Weak portfolio. Designers and programmers both need to have enough info to show that they've actually made/done things in the past.
Though we wanted to accept everyone, we had to set a limit on this first wave of Green members due to the size of the space. As we better understand how it is used, we will open accept new waves of Green membership applications. Those who applied this time, and weren't successful, will have the chance to update their application and resubmit.
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