Steve Rogers officially opens the iHub UX lab

By Mark Kamau
  Published 16 Jun 2013
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Steve Rogers officially opens the iHub UX lab
We were honored to have Steve Rogers open the iHub UX lab officially last week in an event that was a success both in its composition and substance. Given that he was opening a UX space, it was fitting that Steve gave his experiences with user experience work. He was careful to contextualize the talk for the audience which comprised start ups and entrepreneurs from the community keen to absorb any tips that would give their project an edge. In his talk, He highlighted some critical elements for product design success that was discussed for quite a while after the talk was over. He gave elaborate examples and illustrations of lessons learnt and how these principles came together. I could sum the presentation into these questions that should be food for thought if you are developing any product. Adapt: How adaptable is the product you are developing for the market you target? Informed design: Is there any ux research informing your design beyond cool graphics? If not, you are not treating the users and product with enough respect. Build: It is imperative for efficiency and quick response to the market that you build a sustainable UX/UI for your product. Have you thought about sustainability in your build? One size does not fit all: Are you accommodating all your different users? What are their different needs? Value for money: Why should a user spend money on your product? Is it really the best value you can provide? Does your user feel like they should have had more value or feel satisfied with what they get after using your product? Don’t forget fun! Is your product fun to use or feels like a chore? How can you optimize the user experience to be fun for your user? This is a very summarized overview of the talk and does not represent the immense quality and depth that was delivered.

So what does this lauch mean for you?

The official launch of the iHub UX lab was a significant event for the tech community in the country and indeed, the region. It means that you no longer have an excuse for not succeeding due to poor user understanding. So the ball is in your court :-)        
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