MPrep Rebrands to Eneza Education

By Sheilah Birgen
  Published 31 May 2013
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MPrep Rebrands to Eneza Education

Formed with an ultimate aim of solving problems that lead to students failing, Eneza connects students to study tools, teachers and parents to data to help their children improve, and educational leaders to resources. Most importantly, they are creating a network in which the dialogue around student learning grows, enticing schools to collaborate and compete.

Two years down the line, the company is moving to a another level. MPrep will be rebranding to Eneza Education Ltd in a few days. They will be announcing it on their new site, but they have already begun making moves via social media.

In a few weeks, Eneza will also launch a co-branded product with Safaricom, Kenya’s Telecom Company known worldwide for its mobile money transfer service, M-Pesa. This event will take place at M.M Chandaria Primary School in Baba Dogo, Nairobi and will highlight the successes of students that have been using the system since its founding.

Eneza is a platform that unites students, parents and teachers via mobile technology. Students can access quizzes, mini-lessons and tips and tricks on local content via the web, mobile web, and a USSD/SMS-based system. Eneza has also started an initiative to get students reading. It’s called “Spreading Stories,” and it includes paper booklets of stories that students can take comprehension quizzes on via the mobile phone. Parents and teachers interact with Eneza by viewing reports on their students and getting tips and tricks aligned to topics and subjects.

The organization participated in Pivot East 2012 and won in the mobile society category. Currently they are incubated at m:lab East Africa. Apart from the physical space for working, they have access to internet and other business facilities at a subsidized rates. They also benefit from intense and customized entrepreneurship training, hours of coaching and business advisory and also receive support, advice and linkage to early stage funding at m:lab East Africa.

Jacky and Chris From Eneza Education on their normal day-to-day activities in the Office

In January 2013, Eneza secured a seed round of investment of $200,000 USD. Led by Eleos Foundation with an investment from the local fund, Savannah Fund, Eneza will be further proving out their business model, building their network, and providing additional content to students, teachers and parents. They aim to become the go-to distribution channel for other content providers and a data source for educational stakeholders.

With the aim of assessing the impact of Eneza as a tool for revision, they conducted an impact study during the course of last year at M.M Chandaria Primary School. The impact study that took a period of nine months involved 30 students who were picked randomly. From the impact study, it was noted that there was an improvement in academics from the students who participated in the impact study by 9%.

All startups face challenges during the initial stages, this is the same case with Eneza. Language is one of the barrier especially dealing with students in the remote areas who have a limited understanding in English and even Kiswahili. Another challenge is the fact that they are using simple technology that does not wow many people. Most of the time, the media and general public are interested in high tech innovations.


So far, Eneza has around 12,000 students at over 400 schools across Kenya using the student tool, and around 20 schools subscribing to their data. Their aim is to reach 100,000 students, 5,000 teachers, and 2,000 parents by the end of the year.


Check out the their demo videohere.

For more information on Eneza Education Ltd, watch out for their new You can also view their facebook follow them on

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