.NET Meetup: Focus on Application Lifecycle Management | Wednesday, 29th May | 6 - 7:30 pm | iHub

By Rachel Gichinga
  Published 23 May 2013
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.NET Meetup: Focus on Application Lifecycle Management | Wednesday, 29th May | 6 - 7:30 pm | iHub
This month's .NET meetup will happen on the 29th of May and will focus on Application Lifecycle Management. Application Lifecycle Management is a way of developing and releasing software in a coherent, integrated way, spanning all development phases, artifact types, roles and business units. ALM describes the coordination of development lifecycle disciplines, including the management of requirements, changes, configurations, integrations, releases and tests. These functions span development phases, including requirements definition, design, code, test and run. ALM is aligned with the engineering process, spanning development phases. This results in releases that are functionally and technically consistent. ALM also manages the relationships between various artifact types, including requirement documents, coding artifacts, and build scripts that are used or produced by the engineering process. By organizing, linking and referencing activities and artifacts, you can track the development progress as a whole. Through integrated toolsets, ALM can help you overcome the biggest challenge in software creating process: the technological and functional barriers that make it difficult to implement a transparent and consistent development process. ALM is a task-based approach in which all activities are linked to requirements and the relationships between all artifacts are visible; therefore, artifacts can be traced to the requirements they are based on. In this session, we shall look at how ALM’s integrated approach leads to: 1. Protection of software assets 2. Improved reuse 3. Better requirements traceability 4. Cleaner code 5. Improved test results Join us this and every last Wednesday of the month for our .NET meetups with Microsoft.
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