Tech Meets Conservation Meetup:

By Mercy Deche
iHub Consulting
  Published 15 May 2013
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Tech Meets Conservation Meetup:
Save the date: Tuesday 21st May, 5 - 6 pm By Evans Campbell iHub Consulting is proud to invite you all to the second Tech Meets Conservation meetup, to be held on Tuesday, 21st May 2013. The event will be a follow-up of our first meetup and will now revolve around current innovations in the tech space that are helping tackle the problem of environmental degradation. We are also proud to announce that we shall have a very special guest speaker, who has already pioneered and patented a technology that helps in energy conservation: Mr. Anthony Mutua. You may recall his mention in the Earth Hour blogpost for his revolutionary mobile phone foot-sole charger, which allows you to harness the energy of your day-to-day movements to charge your phone. You shall all be able to benefit from a demonstration of how this remarkable invention works, given to you by its inventor. With that being said, come one, come all, to another great opportunity to share your ideas on how geeks can go green too. And you can sign up here :)        
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