Designers’ community at the iHub UX lab

By Mark Kamau
  Published 12 May 2013
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Designers’ community at the iHub UX lab
Why is this important? Over the last few months that I have been involved in the iHub, several things have become even more apparent and reinforced my drive to continue doing what the iHub UX lab is doing. One of the frequently recurring concerns is the lack of good designers. By good designers I don’t mean people who can create a template from Photoshop by copying elements from the web, but individuals who are able to understand business needs in a brief and interpret these into solid concepts through a proper design process. A designer that can demonstratively show how they arrived at the proposed solution or concept in line with client business objectives. The average Kenyan designer Unfortunately, we have too many average designers in Kenya that often don’t go much further beyond tool use. We learn Photoshop, Illustrator and/or InDesign and begin making graphical interfaces. While this is a good step, it doesn’t really make us good designers. We need to go a bit deeper to be one. The problem is compounded by the increasing complexity of what designers need to do. We now have to design for complex applications, design for mobile, visualize information and info graphic and the list goes on. There is more pressure to get to the next level in order to attract more interesting, better paying work. The good news is that there is increasing opportunities for designers with the ever expanding tech ecosystem and the influx of multinationals. It however means that mediocre designers will be caught out and our bluff will be called. To keep this short, we need to step up our game. Simple as that. It is for this reason that the iHub UX lab is partnering with Design Industry leaders, both local and international to form a formidable design community in which we can learn an step up our level together. ADVANTAGES FOR DESIGNERS
  1. Design master classes from global quality professionals
  2. Access to the iHub UX lab’s facility as part of the design community
  3. Access to design work through our network with local and international assignments
WHO QUALIFIES TO BE PART OF THIS COMMUNITY If you are passionate about design, have a descent understanding of design tools (The Adobe Suite) and want to develop your skills in the design process, Data visualization and infographic design among other skills, Click here and join the community. As soon as we have the first Master class prepared, we shall reach you with the contacts provided. We want to form a go to community for quality designers with the right attitude, ethics and design standards. It is about time as well. There are far too many requests for good designers and an astonishing deficit in their supply.
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