Intel Android Developer AppLab | Thursday, May 16th | 9 am - 5 pm | iHub

By Rachel Gichinga
  Published 07 May 2013
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Intel Android Developer AppLab | Thursday, May 16th | 9 am - 5 pm | iHub
Learn how to create the Next Leading Edge App on Android As a leading software professional, we'd like to invite you to an exclusive, invitation only event to learn the leading edge capabilities of Android on the Intel Platforms as well as effective development and deployment models -- directly from the experts at Intel. Intel Android App labs are in Face to Face, day long technical deep dives specially put together for software developers and designers. AppLabs include detailed code walk-throughs, sample demonstrations of real-world apps, and hands-on labs that are orientated towards teaching development guidelines and best practices for developing applications on the most advanced Intel hardware Participants also get a chance to consult with other Intel engineers and design experts and obtain pointers on best design and development. This full day session will focus on sample applications and code walkthroughs that show you how to create applications for today's consumers with an emphasis on education. Also we will provide UX/UI examples on how to present best user experience best practices and tips to make your application stand out from the rest. Sessions will also show how you can take advantage of our Intel Developer Zone program resources to design, build, test, and market your application in target segments. Application Lab Topics include: Android on Intel Architecture Overview UX/UI guidelines and best practices for Android Apps Develop/Optimize Applications for Android Performance and Optimization using Intel Tools Deployment options Lunch & snacks will be provided. Register here before May 10th to attend. Only registered attendees will be allowed to participate in the session.
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