IPO48 registration extended

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 12 Oct 2010
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This the the first ever event to happen in Nairobi where by the tech community in Kenya will connect and create a new idea,mobile and web services within 48hrs.
There will be angel investors and mentors who'll be looking forward to invest  in lucrative ideas. You do not have to worry about privacy or intellectual property issues as HumanIPO allows you to operate in ‘stealth mode’. It means that only you control who has access to see your plan.
Thank goodness the registration period has been extended till 17th ,October ,2010.Where at thou designers,we need your skills and creativity in this scene !! The clock is ticking and we need u in the space too.I know you can prove more to the programmers that your more than design work :).
Register for IPO48 event using humanipo.com. Submit your business idea to pre-stage evaluation. On humanipo.com a strong international advisory group will challenge you with questions, comments and suggestions about your business idea. This approach will quickly show whether you have the ability to debate, sell yourself as a leader and also pick out relevant information. However, in order to submit your idea for IPO48 event, you will need to grant access to the IPO48 advisory group. By October 26th the advisory group will choose up to 20 most promising business ideas. The authors will pitch their ideas on the opening night of IPO48 on Friday, October 29th. After the pitch, all IPO48 participants can choose their favourite idea and form teams. The teams will have to build the service over the weekend and present the results on Sunday evening 6pm for the jury. Put your best foot forward. We extend our wishes to you, All the best !
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