Parallel Programming Training - at iHub | Saturday April 27

By Paul Muchene
iHub Cluster
  Published 26 Apr 2013
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This will be the first in a series of workshops on Parallel Programming as part of the iHub Cluster's efforts to spread use of HPC's in Kenya's markets. The session starts at 9 am and ends at 12 pm at the iHub Cluster, 1st Floor, Bishop Magua building. There will be a short overview presentation on what the Cluster has been up to, which projects are running and how you can help. The workshops will be conducted by Conrad Akunga, a seasoned entrepreneur, Software Developer who is also a Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professional) for several years running. Below is the curriculum: Curriculum
    • What is parallel programming
      • Need for performance
      • Barriers in traditional programming
      • Concurrency, parallelism & distribution
      • Opportunities (security, data mining, AI, multimedia, modeling, etc)
    • Parallel hardware and software
      • Basics (caches, memory, instruction parallelism)
      • Processes, tasks & threads
      • SIMD, MIMD, interconnected networks
      • Issues for consideration & performance
    • Shared memory programming with threads
      • Creating, starting, stopping, suspendng
      • Shared data structures
      • Controlling access to data structures (semaphores, locks, mutexes, etc)
      • Thread safety
    • Shared memory programming with OpenMP
    • Other shared memory programming models
    • Distributed memory programming (MPI)
    • Parallel program development
  Attendance Requirements & Considerations
    • Basic appreciation of programming
    • Note taking
    • Code samples will be in C++, C#, F# &VB.NET
Snacks will be served.
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