By Gladys Kitony
  Published 16 Apr 2013
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ByKagonya Awori What is User Experience Research? Are market research and UX research different? Why isn't my research making an impact? What will make my product outlive its competitors? User Experience research and design has become the new buzzword for techies today. However, the practice is so often ill defined and widely misunderstood, to the point that the benefits of conducting user experience research remain largelyunrealized. Join us for the next Nairobi Research Buzz - as we unravel the industry's best kept secret and understand howyoucan apply user experience research practices to boost your product/service. Details: Date:30th April 2013 Theme:Applying User Experience Research Time:5:30pm Venue:iHub 4th Floor– Bishop Magua Building, Ngong Road Presenter:Kagonya Awori Kagonya Awori is a User Experience Researcher in Nairobi, Kenya. She holds a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University, the birthplace and world leader in user experience studies. She is the first African with an MHCI from Carnegie Mellon. Kagonya is passionate about catalyzing the knowledge and application of user experience research in the burgeoning tech community in Kenya.Her interests include local content generation, mobile user experience design, social networks and designing for rural communities.She currently works on projects with iHub Research and iHub UX Lab. Registerhereto attend.  
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