The First Quarter of Outreach

By Gladys Kitony
iHub Research
  Published 16 Apr 2013
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The First Quarter of Outreach
January 2013 saw the exordium of an Outreach program at iHub research to raise awareness of our activities and later foster collaborations with the iHub community, academia, research organizations, policy makers and other stakeholders with interests in research. Through the Outreach program, the Nairobi Research Buzz was introduced. This is a seminar series that seeks to explore the Technological, Economic, Political and Social Implications of New Technologies and Communications in Kenya and Africa. Three sessions have ensued so far, all being phenomenon in their own way. The Nairobi Research Buzz has attracted participants from people of diverse backgrounds with interests in research. At Daystar University, we were invited to speak to computer science degree students. The students, who turned up in large numbers were ardent to learn about research and user experience design, including application of the same to their projects. The students were enthusiastic to hear about other iHub initiatives and are also interested in having further engagements with iHub. The speakers of the day wereAnne SalimandKagonya Awori. At JKUAT, we were invited to participate at a research seminar organized by the Institute of Computer Science and Information Technology (ICSIT). The seminar was attended by MSc Software engineering and MSc Computer Systems students who had just completed their course work and were about to start on their research work. PhD students and some staff members were also in attendance. The first part of the seminar was a session by Harrison Kaguongo - An employee of JKUAT University currently pursuing his PhD studies in the US. He presented on his PhD research and also explored new technological research areas. Anne Salim from iHub later presented on key Research skills and User experience design. I later gave a brief presentation on the other initiative by iHub. Participant involvement was tremendous, with many of the attendants asking questions. The seminar was highly successful, judging by the feedback from the participants. We hope that it indeed set the ball rolling for the Masters students as they embark on their research and dissertations. The first quarter of the year was definitely a great start for outreach!
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