Mobile Advertising in Africa - Ankit Rawal

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 06 Oct 2010
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Mobile Advertising in Africa - Ankit Rawal
We are very happy that Ankit Rawal, Head of Advertising, Africa, InMobi will be giving a presentation at the *iHub_ Nairobi on Thursday the 7th about Mobile Revolution and Mobile Apps in Africa. Ankit prides himself on being a mobile evangelist and is focused on growing advertizing performance within the rapidly growing African mobile ecosystem. In his role at InMobi, he works to engage and educate brands and agencies on the developing mobile advertising ecosystem. Prior to InMobi, Mr. Rawal worked at Microsoft Corp. and Oracle in various technical roles. He holds a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and a Masters in Business Management. Some of the topics Ankit will talk about touch on: •       African Consumer View of Mobile Advertising •       Myths, Hype & Realities about Mobile Adverting •       How to cultivate the mobile revolution? •       Mobile Apps in Africa About InMobi InMobi is the largest independent global mobile Ad network with around 21 billion Ad requests per month globally . Mobile today is ubiquitous, personal, efficient in targeting & highly measurable hence making it play a pivotal role in the future of marketing.InMobi helps monetize mobile internet traffic in around 115 countries with 3000+ publishers & 300+ advertisers all across the globe with their expertise in precise Targeting & real time detailed Analytics, they help you track, measure & analyze return on marketing investments. InMobi has largest mobile Ad network in the African continent serving around 2.6 billion especially in South Africa, Kenya , Nigeria & Egypt where they work with some of the top advertisers & publishers. InMobi has some around800+ million ad impressions per month just in South Africa. 235+ million ad impression in Kenya. The Thursday presentation will start at 5pm and is open for all to come interact with Ankit Rawal
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