User Experience For Universities

By Mark Kamau
  Published 05 Apr 2013
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User Experience For Universities

As part of shaping iHub culture, we are asking ourselves what we can do to make the community better. The areas the iHub UX lab is concerned with are user experience design and playing a part in developing the UX culture in this region. This means helping teams and individuals develop tools and products. In addition to learning techniques that honestly focus what they design on actual problems people care about and want solved.

One of the main constraints I keep hearing from CEOs and people trying to set up companies here is the lack of talent. Guess what, this talent needs to be developed and it is a fallacy to expect it to simply be available without effort.

Developing talent is an obligation for all of us

It is for this reason that the iHub UX lab has began an outreach series in the universities, beginning with University of Nairobi. We have begun a series of user experience classes for students from 1st to 4th year students. The idea is to have these young talent developed from an early age before their ways are set. Hopefully with this kind of effort the quality of these guys in enhanced making better contribution to the ecosystem.

My challenge to you: Isthere a way you can help build Kenyan/African talent? Are you in a position to provide opportunities to young people to learn in your company or from you? It is in the end, an investment in your companies’ future.

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