Project Management 4 Dummies

By Mercy Deche
iHub Consulting
  Published 03 Apr 2013
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Project Management 4 Dummies
By Clement Kitetu, PMP Managing projects is a process with activities and check-stops. Basic principles apply in all situations regardless of the type of project you are managing. Here are 12 step-by-step commandments to follow when handling any project (whether big or small):
  1. Engage the client
  2. Understand requirements (meet them at the point of need)
  3. Document the requirements
  4. Define the scope (what is and what is not)
  5. Develop a budget
  6. Create an agreement/ contract
  7. Plan the work/ schedule
  8. Execute the work as per schedule
  9. Perform regular review based on the promise
  10. Ensure sign-off deliverables at each stage
  11. Document lessons learnt
  12. Understand the customer/ contractor culture and behaviour well :-)
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