Welcoming Tosh to the iHub Team

By Erik Hersman
  Published 04 Oct 2010
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I'm always thrilled to have exceptional people to work with. Tosh (@iTosh) is joining the iHub team as the new Community Manager, responsible for making sure that everyone coming in has a warm smile to great them and knows what's going on in the space. He'll be the main point of contact for new people coming into the space, tracking community events, and making sure that all of us are connecting. Since the iHub is for web designers, as well as programmers, we wanted to even out the numbers on our team a little bit. (Jessica comes from a programming and research background. I come from a business and strategy background.) Tosh comes from a number of years working through the Nairobits digital design school at the Godown, and has worked in training and managing there since he graduated. His background includes work in magazine, ad agency work, sign and web design industries. I'm excited to have some more design focus in the iHub, and I'm looking forward to seeing a designer meetup there sometime soon as well. Please welcome Tosh with me!
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