Hacking Process

By Mercy Deche
iHub Consulting
  Published 25 Mar 2013
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Hacking Process
Once a month, the consultants of iHub Consulting get together to discuss ongoing/ upcoming projects and exchange ideas on how to increase their effectiveness in software development. The team is involved in every project process from the beginning (going over the project brief and developing a proposal) because we believe that quality output is dependent on PROCESS even more than on hard skill. During the last meeting held on Fri 22nd March at the UX Lab, we discussed the issue of risk analysis. How do you balance between a customer's expectations and their ability to play their part to make ensure that the project succeeds? Just because the customer asks for a particular solution, it doesn't mean that implementing it is the solution. Contextual factors within the organization will determine the project's success or failure. So risk analysis should be mandatory before making the decision to take on a project. Another key lesson drawn from discussions was that the UX approach is very important especially during the discovery phase. Asking the users leading questions that reveal information about how they interact with technology (therefore your proposed solution) informs design. By taking a UX approach, a lot of mistakes can be averted which shorten time taken on the project and reduce costs. As we continue to work with consultants from the iHub community, the objective is to hack processes for high quality output among local techies.  
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